please select theme color:

  • default-theme
  • black-theme
  • red-theme
  • blue-theme
  • green-theme
  • violet-theme
  • gray-theme

please select header color:

  • default-header
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  • blue-header
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Sticky top menu.
Circles in header.
support smartphones and tablets.
Load fade theme.
  1. Please download the latest version of the SimpleBlog theme from the gallery‏.
  2. Open the file"site.master" from (/themes/SimpleBlog/site.master) by code editor.
  3. Find the <body> and then replace it with the following code.
    <body class="default-theme default-header fixnav  responsive fade">
  4. Afterthat save the changes and refresh your website‏.

Design and implementation of BlogEngine's official website

Before the publish of BlogEngine.NET 2.8, me and Ruslan had changed the default theme of BE, which has been released to end-users last month. Afterwards, Mr. Ruslan invited to BE team in order to do more for the users of BE.

The main theme of website hadn’t been changed for a while, however, we’ve decided to change it a little bit. The new design is very simple, very lightweight and also responsive, consequently, it can be served via smartphones, tablets and more.

To view responsive layout on different device resolutions click here!


Design and implementation standard theme for BlogEngineNET

BlogEngine.NET is a web app for writing blog that has extraordinary blogging abilities. BE give you an accesses to install different themes on it. to seeing the free themes you should go to gallery which is in your admin panel.

Old "Standard" Theme

In the older versions of BlogEngine.NET, when you install the theme for the first time, a default theme will be shown which was designed by Mads Kristensen (the theme's name was STANDARD).

This theme renamed to Classic. Click here for this changeset on Codeplex.