BlogEngine 2.9 is released with new design

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I'm so excited about releasing of this version. As you already know, I'm in charge of user interface design in BlogEngine team, I'm working on this project with passion and so happy about it.

Me and Mr. Ruslan have been working hard on this project within more than 6 month. I've redesigned the BlogEngine and “Standard” theme and official BlogEngine website. Everything in BlogEngine have released in 2.9 version with new design.

Here I'm responsible to explain for you the details and reports of BlogEngine’s new design. To receive more information about the added facility to BlogEngine you are recommended to visit the official BlogEngine website.

New design of BlogEngine 2.9

This version is so nice and simple, the design is also responsive, which means you can easily access to the management section with the various resolutions, through your smart phones or tablets.


BlogEngine.NET 2.9 - Design by Farzin Seyfolahi


Design and implementation standard theme for BlogEngineNET

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BlogEngine.NET is a web app for writing blog that has extraordinary blogging abilities. BE give you an accesses to install different themes on it. to seeing the free themes you should go to gallery which is in your admin panel.

Old "Standard" Theme

In the older versions of BlogEngine.NET, when you install the theme for the first time, a default theme will be shown which was designed by Mads Kristensen (the theme's name was STANDARD).

This theme renamed to Classic. Click here for this changeset on Codeplex.